Gambling Insider Speaks with a Customer Support Specialist

The provision of customer service is an essential component of each and every online casino; hence, those who work in this industry are expected to have extensive experience as well as a warm and welcoming demeanor. We wanted to go a bit deeper and find out what a CSR’s job comprises, what they have to deal with, and why they love working in the online casino sector since it is such an interesting job that goes well beyond what most people would think. since it is such an interesting profession, it goes well beyond what most people would expect. In order to obtain a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, we conducted an interview with Candice, a customer care professional who has been working in the online business for more than a decade.

How did you manage to find your way into the online casino support team?

I’ve always had a strong interest in providing excellent service to clients, and the gaming sector is quite intriguing to me. It’s the perfect work for me since not only do I get to combine my interests, but I also truly enjoy assisting other people.


Is it true that people who work in customer service frequently hide behind aliases?

Yes! Many of us go by a fictitious name or a shortened form of our real name so that it is simpler to recall or so that our clients would have an easier time identifying with us. Because it might be challenging to communicate with customers whose names are particularly lengthy, convoluted, or foreign and difficult to pronounce, customer service representatives typically prefer the more concise alternative.


In what ways has the support industry evolved over the past few years?

In the beginning, the only support options for online casinos were a phone number and an email address. Because the telephone option resulted in a speedier response, the majority of players opted to call in rather than wait for a response to an email message. This meant that customer service representatives (CSRs) had to routinely speak with customers over the phone, and they needed to have extensive training to be able to answer any question that could arise. CSR personnel have had to learn an entirely new set of skills and be able to converse over text in real time in order to keep up with the emergence of live chat, which has largely replaced the use of the telephone. Because to the proliferation of social media, there is now a whole new channel of contact, and one of the most important aspects of our work is to be able to promptly answer to questions posted on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Is there a technological component to the work that you do?

Absolutely. We get a lot of inquiries about difficulties relating to browsers and software, and the number of questions we receive about these topics has increased over the past several years as a direct result of the proliferation of mobile devices. This component of support is one of my favorites because it gives me the opportunity to put my technical expertise to use in assisting other people and to put my people skills to use in an entirely new context. It has been exciting to witness how technology has transformed online gaming and support over the past few years.


Which types of inquiries are asked the most frequently?

The vast majority of questions center on making deposits or withdrawals, the various cashing out options, and the procedure. It is imperative that we have a comprehensive understanding of all available banking methods, be able to assist players with any and all questions pertaining to these options, and know when to refer players to the PSP for additional assistance. The terms and conditions of the bonuses, as well as how they operate and how a player can opt out of receiving an automatic deposit bonus, are frequently questioned, and we are required to clarify these details. There are also a lot of queries pertaining to bonuses that players are unable to collect for one reason or another, and we frequently have to explain things like wagering restrictions and how to fulfill them. It is quite gratifying to be able to assist another person in taking advantage of a promotion, and we also have the authority to hand out special bonuses, which is a lot of fun.


Does the support personnel give advise, suggestions, or tips?

You might be surprised to learn how frequently people ask for our assistance during games. Game inquiries are actually some of my favorites, and as a member of the support team, you need to be well knowledgeable on all of the games a casino has to offer in order to properly assist customers with their questions.  If players want more information on how to improve their chances of winning, we are more than happy to point them in the right direction and provide them with a few helpful hints and pointers. When players contact us in this respect, we are obligated to inform them that wins are in no way guaranteed, but that some strategies and recommendations are helpful and may lead, if not to a win, then at least to a longer playing experience.


What about information on whether games are Hot or Cold?

Another common inquiry that people have for us is this one. In many instances, the slot machines or progressive games include a thermometer that indicates players whether they are “hot” or “cold.” However, players also frequently contact us to inquire about the most recent time a game paid out a prize. We never fail to disclose these particulars because we are firm believers in openness and actively promote the policy of the casino in this regard.


How frequently do players inquire about upcoming tournaments?

Surprisingly, questions about tournaments do not come up all that frequently, although a significant number of players are interested in knowing when the next free events will be held. The fact that we are sometimes in a position to invite gamers to a VIP event or special tournament despite the fact that they are not VIPs themselves is one of the most satisfying aspects of our profession.


What exactly do you enjoy most about your work?

Helping customers solve problems or find solutions to challenges is always a massively rewarding endeavor, and providing good customer service can be quite enjoyable in this regard. In addition to the opportunity to assist others and put my technical knowledge to good use, one of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most is that we get to try out brand-new video games before they are commercially available, or at the very least get an idea of what they are all about. As customer service specialists, we are required to stay up with the most recent releases and comprehend them in their totality. As a result, we are the first to know what’s trending and what’s going on in the industry before the general public.


What is a fascinating fact about your line of work that most people are unaware of?

How many distinct elements does it take into account? Customer service representatives that are cordial and available at all times are the first telltale sign of a reliable online casino, and we play a vital part in the overall gambling experience. This is especially important to keep in mind while dealing with new players who are looking for some guidance. We also keep up with the various genres of games that are currently available, and we are typically able to point you in the direction of in-depth reviews of games that you are considering playing, as well as provide you with some insight into such games.


Which ability do you find to be the most useful in your line of work?

To be successful in the role of a customer service representative, you need a variety of talents. Among these are the capacities of persuasion and empathy, adaptability, and the possession of a language extensive enough to enable one to maintain a good attitude regardless of the circumstances. Self-control is essential, and you need to be able to communicate coherently, sometimes in many languages. However, the specific requirements for this will vary depending on which operator you are employed by, so keep that in mind.


However, patience is the most essential trait for a customer service representative to possess. It’s important to remember that the people that come out to you are likely already frustrated and agitated, so it’s essential that you make them feel heard and that you treat them with care.

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