The 9 Flaming Masks

Give 9 Masks of Fire a play, and you may end up with a nice pile of hot cash.

Recommendation: 9/10

The 9 Masks of Fire slot machine, developed by Gameburger Studios, is a good option if you’re the type of casino player that appreciates slots with jackpots or progressive jackpots.

Keep an eye on your score as you play, and prepare for some potentially scorching prizes.

Find out in the next paragraphs why this position is so popular.

What you might expect to find in this analysis of 9 Masks of Fire

In an effort to keep you as well-informed as possible, we have included some of the criteria we used to evaluate the 9 Masks of Fire slot machine below.

Symbols on the slot machine, including what kinds there are and how much they’re worth.

Autoplay feature, lowest and highest possible wagers:

Slot machine return to player percentage. A higher rate of return is preferable.

Slot volatility can be minimal (low volatility), medium (medium), or high (high volatility).

The percentage of spins where a winning combination is formed.

The maximum bet and/or jackpot that may be won at that slot machine.

The special features and capabilities of a slot machine, including as wilds, re-spins, and multipliers.

If a slot machine offers a bonus-buy option, it will be described here.

The ins and outs of the bonus round.

What the visuals and soundtrack are like.

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Payouts for the 9 Masks of Fire Symbols

In this section, we’ll go over in great depth what each symbol on the 9 Masks of Fire slot machine is worth.

The Icons

Hot 7s in groups of 3, 2, and 1 are the slot machine’s highest-paying icons. Following the large 7, we find the money sign and the bell. The bar sign and the cherry symbol are the lowest-paying icons.

Settings for autoplay and maximum bets

You may play the 9 Masks of Fire slot machine for as little as £0.20 or as much as £240 each spin.

RTP for 9 Fire Masks

The return to player percentage of 9 Masks of Fire is 96.2%, which is average when compared to other slot machine games. The slot’s medium volatility makes for a satisfactory distribution of both wins and losses.

The top prize or jackpot

With 9 Masks of Fire’s progressive jackpot ladder, the top payout is an incredible 2,000 times your initial wager.

Playable Elements

Here, we’ll break down the many features of the 9 Masks of Fire slot machine and explain how to activate them.

No Risk Turns

When three or more scatter symbols appear, you’ll be rewarded with a number of free spins (up to 30) on the slot machine.

Indicator of Wildness

The wild diamond symbol can be used in place of any other symbol.

Bonus Round Roulette

The 9 Masks of Fire slot machine’s Free Spins wheel is a wonderful bonus feature. It awards a random number of free spins and a multiplier that is applied to all winnings (apart from those involving the mask symbols).

Animation & Sound Design: 9 Flaming Masks

It seems that 9 Masks of Fire takes elements from both traditional slot machines and newer video slot machines. As you spin the reels, you may take in not just the vibrant visuals, but also the rhythmic mesh of drums and castanets that serves as the slot’s soundtrack.

3D graphics

Made Mobile-Friendly

Castanets and drums

Detailing Unique CharacteristicsWheel of Fortune Style Free Turns

Options for fixing games that are giving you trouble

The following are some potential troubleshooting techniques to try if you’re having problems while playing 9 Masks of Fire:

If the game has been idle for a long time and you suddenly encounter an error message saying that the game has timed out, try refreshing the browser.

If the initial step doesn’t fix the issue, you can try logging out and back in.

Contact Customer Support if you’re still having problems after trying their solutions.


If you’re the type of gambler who likes to try out both new and old casino games, you’ll love 9 Masks of Fire. The slot machine’s innovative classic design is sure to catch your eye, and the game’s multiplier will have you hooked in no time.

Have fun triggering bonuses like the free spins reel, where you may win up to 2,000 times your initial wager.

If that seems like fun, then you should play the game right away at any of the best UK Casino Sites we recommend.

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